Medical supplies delivery can be quite tricky as you don’t know when can an emergency arise. You need to be prepared for an emergency because a delay in medical supplies can result in a serious health condition. This is why if you are running a hospital, health care center, or pharmacy, then it is your responsibility to choose a courier that is competent enough to get you urgent delivery of medical supplies anytime anywhere you want. If you are in Minneapolis or Saint Paul then you are in luck because Courier Delivery Package provides the best courier service you can ask for with 24/7 delivery 365 days a year.

Courier Delivery Package remains active 24/7 which means that you can book a delivery or get your parcel any time of the day you want. Our customer representatives are just a call away any time of the day. If you have any query or you want to book an order then you can call our helpline and talk to any available staff member. All our employees are highly trained to tackle clients’ queries most satisfactorily. We have to make sure that our staff members listen properly to clients, professionally respond to their queries while maintaining a friendly tone, and come up with the best solution.

To ascertain the goal of 24/7 delivery we offer several accompanying services to our customers to assist them in timely delivery. We offer them a warehouse facility where they can store their medical supplies for future delivery.  We have a warehouse at all our offices. The warehouses are well-managed and well-equipped to offer a safe house for medical supplies. Customers can use any of our warehouses to store their medical supplies until needed. On the day of delivery, our courier will pick up the supplies from the warehouse and deliver those to the specified destination. This way even if the delivery is required at odd hours (after midnight) still then our staff will vigilantly deal with the delivery and make sure that the courier arrives at the destination on promised time. You can also book the order online without having to visit our office.

In the quest to serve on a 24/7 basis, we also offer scheduled delivery service which gives our an option to our customers to book their courier earlier. This way customers won’t have to wake up or be active to place the order. Rather they can contact and book the delivery order by giving in all delivery details when they have time. Our staff will duly note all those details and at the delivery date, they will pick up the supplies and deliver those to the given location.

To make sure that the delivery is made on time (any hour of the day), we offer to make exclusive routes for our customers whereby we specially design routes to deliver their medical supplies. Along with these customer-centric services we also offer flexible billing options to our customers so that they can pay with ease.