Courier Delivery Package offers exceptional medical courier services in the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. We are serving in Minnesota City since 2003 and have proven our timely, efficient, and fast delivery over time.

We understand that medical courier is of crucial importance for the efficient working of hospitals and health care facilities. The urgency of medical supply delivery is quite a sensitive matter as it can be a matter of life and death. This is why our efficient staff and highly trained drivers ensure to delivery of your parcel in promised time.  We specialize in delivering medical couriers to hospitals, home care facilities, and pharmacies. This way we are contributing to the greater good of the community.

We devise routes as per our client’s needs because we never want to disappoint any client. We know that every client wants to receive their order as soon as possible. Waiting for a parcel can be nerve-wracking and especially when it is crucial to human health, its urgency can be anticipated. This is why we offer exclusively devised routes to meet your on-time delivery requirements so that our drivers go strictly to your pick-up or delivery destination without wasting any precious moments.

We also offer a real-time tracking facility that allows our clients to track the location of their parcels. This gives our clients the confidence and ease of knowing the exact location of their booked parcel.

Our services are available on a 24/7 basis which means that no matter if it is late midnight or early morning. If you want your crucial medical supplies delivered to your facility then we are here to satisfy your needs. Our staff remains active throughout the day because we have planned work in shifts for them to ensure that we are never short of staff to deliver the medical supplies.

Our staff is highly trained and super friendly. If we encounter any issue with the parcel then our staff promptly notifies our clients so that they can know the issue at hand. This way the client and us can collaborate to come to a winning solution. Our staff remains friendly and calm to offer you any help you need. They are there to answer your queries and solve your booking issues on a 24/7 basis. They are just a call away to guide you and help you in the most professional yet friendly manner.

The most attractive feature of our service is that we also offer scheduled delivery service. It means that if you are too busy or too tired to book your order every other day then you can share your schedule with us at once (say for a week or a month), sit back, and relax. Our team can handle scheduled delivery without you having to place an order again and again and disrupt your busy schedule.

So if you are looking for a courier service with unmatched delivery service, on-time delivery, and safe delivery then your search ends at Courier Delivery Package.