Courier Express Package is all about quality and fast service, and we are proud to say that we are giving an undeniably excellent service to our customers for about almost 14 years. We have succeeded in maintaining our reputation in the market.

A company is always become famous by its customers, the better the customer satisfaction rate is, the better will be the reputation of that particular company and same is the case here. We are today what our customers made us and our success is also the result of our hardworking employees and our team who has been working day and night just to make us the top courier service twin citties Minneapolis.

Technology might have taken over the world, but yet there are a few things on this planet that require human help, courier and delivery service is one of those few things that are never ending, and their trend just doesn’t end. You might be thinking why we consider ourselves to be the best in delivery services Minneapolis? Well, you will know about it once, you will utilize our services and we assure you that you are going to have a pleasant experience with us.

“Unique, professional and customer friendly,” these three words are the summary of what we are and what we offer. Whether it is a small envelope or a fully loaded container, we will get you the fastest service because we are quite a time sensitive and customer friendly too.

Where we have the best service, we no doubt surely get a few complaints too, but what makes us more unique is that we never let those complaints go unsolved and we make sure that we cater the needs and requirements of our clients. After all, the only thing that matters to us is how our clients feel about us.

Apart from delivery and courier services, we also give training to people on different courses too, and we also have launched our online system where you can place an order online just by clicking once and pay us online too.

Whether it is a special occasion for your loved ones or there is some emergency, we deliver everything on at a rapid pace and fulfill your requirements!
Our basic motto is to strive for excellence and to keep improving our services to get our clients the maximum ease and comfort. There are so many factors that make us excel in our services and quality and one of the most appreciable things about us till date is that we offer 24/7 delivery service and there are options for you that are quite flexible in which we deliver your packages within hours or as per your demand.

Furthermore, we have warehouses at each of our branches where you can load your container, and we can take it anywhere you want without any loss or damage to it.
Safe and fast delivery are what we promise, and once you dispatch your package, then you can rely on us and our services because we assure you safe, fast and quality delivery in no time!

There are times when we don’t know the exact location where you want your packages to get delivered so for such situations we’ve got drivers who are highly trained, and you can just hire any one of our drivers and go to deliver the parcel yourself. Courier express is where we’ve got everything that a client would expect from a courier company.

Other than documents and loaded containers we also deliver and provide medical delivery and equipment to any place that you wish for, we also deliver emails. There are times when you have an important business meeting the other day or some special occasion, and you need, the quickest delivery possible, well we do offer such.

With us, you can completely be relaxed once you have dispatched your package and we are proud to say this that you can rely on us completely no matter what the package is and how huge it is. We have different flexible options for our customers, which differ in rates, but those rates are surely reasonable, and you will just love how we will act upon your requirements and needs!