Everything a person needs for delivery service is efficient service, less paper work and on time deliveries. All these terms which are mostly not found in other companies can get here at Courier Delivery Package. People are always looking for the most advanced and secure way of transferring their goods from home to destination. We provide you this service with full safety and insurance. We have made a 5-star impact on all the customers because we fulfill the words we promise. We consider your things as fidelity to us, that’s why we provide our best for our customers which makes a special bond between the company and the regulars.
Our efficient, fast, 27/4 services are always available to fulfil the ondemand and scheduled delivery requirements. Our professional and efficient drivers and friendly customer service will Courier Service – On Time Delivery Service, your Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
A guarantee is what a customer wants. We withdraw it to you without any 2nd thought. We deliver all the products packed in tough boxes so we can make the delivery up to mark for our valuable customer.

We give you an opportunity to settle down all the mess of sending products, documents or other things by sitting at your home and simply by clicking on your phone or using your computer. Every order is one touch away from you. All you need is to give us the exact location where to deliver and leave the rest for us. Our co-operate team, and outstanding drivers will deliver all the products under great security and ensure you to deliver the products before the deadline. Your products have great importance to us as it is for you. We never disappoint our clients.

Our team picks up the order products from your home, office and deliver them on time at the location you entered. Our scheduled service gives the customer to order from home. It doesn’t matter how many orders you place a week. It is our responsibility to deliver the products on time, as we promise that your things have great authenticity for us. We will deliver your scheduled order on time. You just leave the delivery job to us. We provide you the professional and experienced drivers who give you the occasion to deliver your order anywhere anytime.

From a small piece of paper to a truck full of your valuable goods, the Courier Delivery Package is all you need. We give our customers the grander level of service with insurance of time sensitivity and safe delivery on the day you want to deliver.

  • Express – 1 hour delivery time/
  • Rush – 1 1/2 hour delivery time
  • Regular – 2 1/2 hour delivery time
  • Standard – 3 1/2 hour delivery time
  • STAT Medical – priority delivery time

We give the customer the cheapest and inexpensive rates, which include best results in delivering the products with insurance and safety. This is what makes us different and excellent from everyone else in the city.

The Courier delivery Package is 24/7 365 days available for delivering
  • Box
  • Court Filings
  • Documents
  • Envelopes
  • Medical Supplies
  • Oversize Skids
  • Packages
  • Pallets
  • Skide

We mainly focus on the providing the following to customers all around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

We provide the experts who give your products and luggage the safety that is always needed. Moreover, the secure exportation is the core need for delivery. Priority courier gives priority to the delivery with time sensitivity and reaching the destiny with the same condition before placing the order, on the same day.

With the same quality of your product before placing your order. Courier Delivery package maintains the quality of your products without giving them a single scratch or export without any unwanted mishaps. We deliver your documents, envelopes, fragile products and luggage with great care to the destiny before the deadline.

Small package delivery is relevant to the small and valuable products you want to deliver in the Twin Cities. Most people are worried about late delivery of their small packages because most of the company does not deliver them on time. But here at Courier Delivery Package, we ensure you whether it is particularly a small piece of paper or it is a huge luggage. Everything will be delivered on the same day before deadline.

At Courier Delivery Package, we made it possible to deliver everything you order on the same day throughout the Minnesota State.

We offer the customers to place an order even at the sensitive and distant places like MSP Airport. Our reliable and quick service is for the people we care about. We deliver your goods within one day of order placement.

Another service that you can avail at the Courier Delivery Package is the medical courier which can transport and deliver medical related products on a daily basis and on time.

We offer our valuable customers the ultimate Cab Courier which can help to deliver luggage from anywhere anytime. This service is reliable and trustworthy. It doesn’t matter where you are; our Cab Courier service will get you on time.

Here at Courier Delivery Package, we are prepared to grip the delivery of medical supplies and equipment, including pharmaceuticals and lab work. Moreover, we take extreme care of these products of yours because of sensitivity.

If there is any trouble, do not think about the worst because the Courier Delivery Package is here for the best. We ensure the stocking and caring of your product in case of an Emergency. Our firmly built warehouse can stock all the products on the same time same day.

The most exciting service we provide is the hourly delivery of all the packages including a pin to a plane. We can help the customers to deliver product and documents if the deadline is going to close within an hour. Just call us and place the order. We do the job with full effort and responsibility.