You might have heard that “time is money” when it comes to the delivery of crucial items such as medical supplies then time becomes more than just money. It becomes a matter of a timely health facility, a matter of life and death. If you are running a medical center, pharmacy, home care clinic, or a hospital in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, then you might have wondered over the dilemma to choose a reliable courier that offers timely delivery. It’s important to pick a courier that doesn’t compromise on timely delivery and safe delivery. If you are looking for a stellar courier service that offers the best combination of services then you need to check out the services of Courier Delivery Package.

Courier Delivery Package offers exceptional courier service which is evident from its stellar performance since 2003. You can choose the delivery timeline as per your need and urgency of delivery. They offer various plans which you are free to choose from. These plans include Express delivery which delivers in 1 hour time, Rush delivery which delivers in 1.5 hours, Regular delivery which delivers in 2.5 hours, Standard delivery which delivers in 3.5 hours, and STAT medical which delivers on a priority basis.

If you have any confusion while choosing between the delivery plan you can always get help from their friendly staff. The staff is always available for your help. You can contact them on the helpline number and they will walk you through the features of all plans and programs. They will help you and guide you to choose the plan that suits your needs and requirements. The staff is very cooperative and responds empathetically which is a huge plus as you won’t have to shy away from asking all essential queries for the fear of being bullied or insulted by the staff. Courier Delivery Package believes that effective communication is the key to satisfying and understanding the clients. This is why their staff is trained well to communicate properly.

To help you beat your busy schedule, Courier Delivery Package also offers a scheduled delivery service. This service allows you to book your delivery a few days or even weeks before the actual delivery date. This way you can book a future date on which you might be busy or occupied with other important tasks. This takes off the burden of booking the delivery on an actual day. By booking a scheduled delivery, you shift the burden of delivery to the competent staff of Courier Delivery Package who are well-trained to handle such situations by maintaining a well-versed record.

The best part is that you can book the order from the comfort of your home. Through the online system, you can book your delivery by sharing all relevant details and leaving the work to Courier Delivery Package’s staff. They can even pick up the supplies from any location you desire and take them to your required destination. All these amazing services come with a flexible billing option to give you the ultimate freedom of paying at your ease.